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The power of your morning routine

Fall is just around the corner! I am loving the cooler Colorado nights and we are just weeks away from jeans, hoodies and pumpkin spice lattes. Fall is my favorite season of the year. I grew up, the daughter of the high school football coach, so I love football and I think we can all agree on enjoying cooler days and the fresh beginnings of a new school year. I don’t know about you, but at the end of every school year, I am SO ready for summer. I’m ready for the more relaxed schedule, days at the pool, sleeping in later, late night movies, bonfires, hiking, etc…. BUT by the time school rolls around I am craving the routine again. Can you relate?

With the fall routine getting into full swing I’ve been thinking a lot about what a “great day” looks like for me and I want to challenge you with the same question. When your head hits the pillow at night and you’re feeling like, “now that was a great day,” what did your day consist of? For most of us, our morning routine can greatly dictate how the rest of our day goes, so let’s talk about that part of our day, specifically, for a minute. In an ideal day, how does it begin? What time do you get up? How many times do you hit snooze? How many hours of sleep do you get and therefore what time do you need to go to bed? Is the coffee brewing before you even get out to the kitchen? Do you have a bit of quiet time before the kids are up? Do you hit the gym or a workout video at home first thing or is that later in the day? Do you start the day with prayer and reflection? Do you shower, get dressed, and feel confident to start your day, or do that later after your noon workout class or an evening run? ….. These are important questions to take a minute and ask yourself. When we are INTENTIONAL about our morning, we set ourselves up for a great day! When we just let the day roll out however it may we can find ourselves feeling unproductive, chaotic and just reacting to the day as it comes. So, join me in deciding what the best morning routine is for you at this season of your life and then commit it for just the next week. See how you feel. Does it change the way you interact with your spouse? Are you calmer getting the kids out the door to school and starting their day off better too? Does it change the way you interact with your co-workers? Are you more productive? How does it affect your confidence? After you evaluate it, at the end of the week make the changes you need to make and keep at it. This one tip can make all the difference in you becoming a better version of you.