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Dropping the word, busy

Have you noticed how much we throw around the word, busy? It’s as though being busy, even to the point of exhaustion, has become a badge of honor. When you ask someone how things are going the answer is almost always, “oh, it’s so busy.” Do you ever wonder, busy with what? Remember that I’m a mom of 4, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend, and a business owner. I’ve been very guilty of overusing the word busy. In fact, a few years ago I found myself saying it often and it seemed to have a connotation of being totally worn out but also one of being a victim to this “insane” life. As I took an honest evaluation of my time, asking how was I spending my days, my evenings, and my weekends, I realized, I created this schedule. I intentionally, and willingly, signed my kids up for these activities. We didn’t have to have tournaments on the weekends and practices during the week. I intentionally chose this job and we could choose a different set up where I didn’t work at all. I intentionally signed up to be in that bible study during the week and I could say no if I wanted to. I didn’t have to say yes to lunch with a friend or volunteering in the classroom. You get the idea. Can you relate?

Sometimes we complain about the “busyness” of our life when the reality is that we have the power to change it. I wasn’t a victim to my life and in fact I loved my life. I loved watching my kids at their events. I loved my work and my bible study. I loved going to lunch with a friend and volunteering in the classroom. So why was I saying, “it’s so busy” (with a deep sigh) that said I didn’t want this. From that point forward I changed my wording to “it is full and it is fun.” That was the truth. My days, nights and weekends were full. They were full of things I chose and could say no to. I was not a victim to my schedule and I have a lot of control over what I say yes to. And, 90% of it is fun! I want my words to reflect that I truly love the life I’m living, the kids I’m raising, the work I’m doing, and the people I’m spending time with. So instead of us answering with “uggh, so busy” let’s change it up, own our choices of how we spend our time, create times of rest in our schedule to rejuvenate and let our badge of honor being in living a life that is full and fun.